Loxa Beauty - Where Consumers Can Shop Like Professionals!

If you're a long term reader of PolishGalore, you know that I don't have a cosmetology license (even though CND's Jan Arnold told me I should!) so I either get my salon-only polishes as press samples from the companies, I pay full price at authorized retailers (Ulta, Sephora etc), or I beg my cosmetology friends to buy me a whole bunch of things.

No more my friends! Today I was introduced to the best concept website, ever for me and you - Loxa Beauty!

The concept is simple. Beauty brands that have been previously designated as salon only or professional only are authorized to be sold through Loxa Beauty at the retail price (not the salon/professional price) and a percentage of the purchase goes back to a stylist or a salon either in your area or of your choosing!

To register, click on the top right. You will be asked to create an account or sign in with Facebook. Pro for signing in with Facebook - you don't have to worry about another password. Con for signing in with Facebook - you have to use the email address that is attached to your Facebook.

Next you have the option to search for a stylist or salon by location, or choose that you don't have a stylist/salon. If you don't have a stylist/salon, your proceeds will be distributed to stylists/salons in your area. You can edit this later, so don't worry if you don't have anyone.

Finally there's a small profile section to fill out with your hair information (trust me here) before you're good to go!

Now let's talk nails.

Loxa Beauty currently features five salon brands - Morgan Taylor, Venique, OPI, CND and China Glaze.  Now I know OPI & China Glaze are also available at Sally Beauty Supply but some of us live in small towns where even the nearest Sally is just too far away.

Small caveat - not all products are available in all states. Specifically, CND has not authorized Loxa Beauty to sell this product in all or parts of the following states: AK, CO, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MA, ME, MI, MO, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OK, RI, VT, WY.  Additionally, not all the current collections or products are available but hopefully their inventory will continue to increase.

Now, there are other categories for you to check out - hair, skincare, tools and a section for mens' products but come on, NAILS. For people who want to only be sure they are buying real, authorized professional products, this is your place to go.

If nothing else, go sign up today! It's free to have an account and no worries about affiliate links or anything like that. You can also follow their social media as follows: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.