butter LONDON Glitter Scrubbers Textured Remover Wipes

I love glitter. I love textured polish. I hate removing both.


butter LONDON was like "Hey, we need to help people out" and BOOM butter LONDON Glitter Scrubbers Textured Remover Wipes were born.

Introducing a new generation of nail lacquer Scrubbers, created for the glitter obsessed. Now you can rock a gorgeous glitter lacquer and remove it with ease with our handy Glitter Scrubbers.

These super-saturated, dual-textured wipes are tough enough to remove stubborn glitter and nail art while gently treating the nail. Made with conditioning ingredients such as Vitamin E and Aloe, this frustration-free formula simultaneously hydrates and nourishes. Each Glitter Scrubber is individually wrapped, making them perfect for when you’re on the go!

“Those who love a fun, glittery lacquer are all too familiar with the frustration of removing it,” says Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global ColourAmbassador, “but these new Glitter Scrubbers are all you need for your nails to remove even the toughest of lacquers without fraying or tearing.”

Launch: January 2015
Price: $12 for a pack of 10 individually wrapped wipes
Where to Buy: butterlondon.com, ULTA

Have you tried these yet? My nearest ULTA is over an hour away but I want to check it out and see if I can remove glitter or textures without peeling my nails.