ellagee Mistress Of All Evil

Press Sample 

The final polish I had swatched was also from the Maleficent Duo called Mistress Of All Evil. This is a clear glitter with a mix of black, purple and hot pink holo glitter. I used 2 coats of dabbled polish over Now Shall You Deal With ME!

You can see how there is a good mix of the colors in the pink and purple glitters. The black seems a little out of place but it still works.

Especially in the shade, the glitters stick out individually. I was a little surprised at the coverage in 2 coats but you can always use the dab technique where you dab the glitter onto a makeup sponge to absorb the clear base and then dab the sponge onto your nail.

You can still purchase this Duo from Gloss48.

You can purchase ellagee through her website. Prices range from $8 to $15.00. Join the conversation with her on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest and Tumblr.

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