Zoya Rowan

 Nothing To Disclose

Let's get to the back half of the Zoya Naturel Satins collection, shall we? These last 3 are definitely more earthy in color and I wasn't sure how much I'd love them since I gravitate to more of the pretty pinks and purples. Today I have Zoya Rowan - a "creamy suede taupe" - reminded me of putty.

I used a base coat of Zoya Anchor, 2 coats of polish and no top coat. The formula on this polish was super opaque and I really only needed one coat but I used a second thin coat just to make sure I had even coverage. I was pretty impressed by it!

Check it out! So it's not totally my cup of tea but it's a neat looking color overall.

This is in indirect light - it's a little dark for me but I think I could jazz it up. 

Here in the light box, you can see it's just more of the same putty look. This was definitely my least favorite color although it was my favorite formula.

Zoya [Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube] can be purchased on their website for $9/bottle.