Jessica Conch Shell

Press Sample

Happy February! I had this wild idea that I wanted to showcase 14 Days of Valentine's with a different red or pink nail polish each day. So I asked other bloggers what they thought and everyone thought it was an awesome idea and I thought "Hey, let's make it a group thing!" So now there are a bunch of us doing 14 Days of Valentine's - be sure to visit the other blogs listed in the InLinkz at the bottom of this posting. Each day, I will have a different red or pink polish showcased all the way up to Valentine's Day - a mix of indies and mainstreams that I picked at random. My only criteria was that I couldn't have blogged about it before. This way I could finally get into picking some other brands and polishes that I hadn't worn before.

Today, Day 1, I have Jessica Conch Shell. This is a pink creme, that I would call Barbie Pink, from the Coral Symphony collection that was released in Spring 2014. This is also when Jessica launched their new formula that was supposed to flow onto the nails without any streaks.

I used a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote, 2 coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow H K Girl top coat. The formula on this polish was pretty interesting. So first, I had total streakiness with the first coat. The brush on Jessica is round like China Glaze, so it's a learning curve for me to paint all sides of my nail without getting it into my cuticle. I finally gave up and just painted the whole nail and if some flooded, well that's what a clean up brush is for, right? 

The second coat I had to go a little heavy with to both self-level and and even out those streaks from the first coat. I'm not sure if this is a part of that new formula or if maybe my bottle needed to be shaken a little harder to mix back together. It has say on the shelf for 2 years! It also dried slightly matte but since I always top coat, that brought that shine back.

So as you can see I needed to clean up and probably needed to try a little harder on my ring finger. My nails are just barely peeking over my finger tip so it's time to either get them professionally shaped up or just nub them further with a file. I haven't decided based on time and effort. But back to the polish - it's pretty! Nothing extremely unique but a good staple to own.

Jessica is available on their website as well as select salons and spas for $8.40 for 14.8 ml/0.5 fl oz. join them on social media by liking on Facebook, following on Twitter, and following on Instagram.

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