Polish Me Silly Lilac Lover

Nothing To Disclose

I decided to randomly grab from the box next to my desk for today's polish. I was excited that I pulled the brand Polish Me Silly, a mother/daughter "Best Friend" team who loved creating polish together. They were originally under the name LUSH Lacquer but due to copyright issues, they had to change their name to what you see above. Today I have a thermal (oh yes) polish called Lilac Lover.

I used a base of Duri Rejuvacote, 3 coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow H K Girl top coat. This polish needs to dry between coats so you don't pull the glitter off with your brush strokes. I inverted my bottle for about 15 minutes so the heavier glitters would float to the top and then I carefully applied each coat. This polish also appeared to dry matte, so I used top coat to bring back the shine in the various shaped neon glitters.

I find this polish to be pretty subtle - it's kind of a milky lilac - chalky, maybe? I really only got the micro and small glitters to come out but there's that one large glitter on my middle finger. I was going through my spreadsheet when I saw I had listed this polish as a thermal, so I went to check and sure enough!

Don't make fun of my 2002 Photoshop animation skills. It's all I have, yo. Granted, I'm sure an Instagram video would have been MUCH easier but well, I'm happy with this. The deeper lilac is when my hands are under cold water and the white is under super hot water. Otherwise it's this milky lilac you saw above. While I didn't have as intense of a color shift as the website shows, I also have to disclose that I purchased this polish in a destash and it had been used once to swatch. I don't know how long the person had it before they sold it to me, and I have definitely had it close to a year myself, sitting on a shelf.

Polish Me Silly can be purchased on their Etsy site. Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.