Love, Angeline Baiser de Mousse

Nothing To Disclose

We are halfway through my 14 Days of Valentine's and as I peer into my box that I pulled for this prompt, I noticed I have quite a few indies coming up. Today is a brand called Love, Angeline and this polish is Baiser de Mousse from the Chateau Macaron collection. The polish name translates to "Foam Kiss" (how's that for 1 semester of the French language in college!) and this is a light pink pastel matte with a teeny tiny pink microglitter that stays hidden in the matte formula.

I used a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote and 2 coats of polish. Because this formula dries matte, I did not use a top coat, which will reduce the "life" of your manicure. To extend your manicure, use a top coat, and then one last thin layer of color to bring your polish back to its matte state. That way if the top layer chips, you still have a beautiful manicure underneath instead of just continuing to peel away the matte layers.

So matte polishes need to be applied carefully because they can tend to gloop together. I was a little thicker handed than I wanted to be which also means your polish needs longer to dry. I was going through a matte pastel phase when I bought this collection but I'm pretty much over it now and want to gloss all the things. Or holo all the things. Gloss holo ALL THE THINGS. But this is a pretty matte pink to wear to a baby shower or office appropriate. I don't hate it. Update: As soon as I finished this blog post, I went to put my bottle up and it slipped out of my hands, breaking at the neck on my tile floors. RIP.

Love, Angeline has closed her business and is no longer available for sale.