The Beauty Loser: Medifast Update #6


Hello holiday season. For me, this is a party time of month, filled with my wedding anniversary, my birthday, Christmas and of course New Years. That also means lots of holiday cookies, cakes, candies, and oh yeah - the drinks.

Now I'm not just talking about the celebratory champagne on New Year's or the Cape Cod that I may drink on my birthday but also the sugary coffee drinks that are rampant this time of year. I decided to try a "toasted white chocolate mocha" the other day and realized later that I was drinking more than half of the calories I normally eat in an entire day using Medifast. Don't even get me started on the sugar content - FIFTY THREE GRAMS OF SUGAR in this 16 ounce drink. No wonder it's so easy for me to gain weight when I'm sucking down drink after drink. 

What's a girl to do? This is where I've been using my Medifast French Vanilla Ready-to-Drink shakes. At only 90 calories a service, these heart-healthy and lactose-free shakes are great not only for on the go, but also at curbing my desire for something sweet. But with only SIX grams of sugar, I don't feel guilty or have a headache from all the sugar overload like I did from that coffee later on.

And then we have all the extra holiday stuff. I'm not a saint, and I had a piece of carrot cake today during an office birthday celebration, however, for my sweet tooth, I've been leaning on the Medifast Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks from the Crunchers line. I don't know how they pack 11 grams of protein in these things because I only taste the spicy sweet cinnamon and there's only ONE gram of sugar in these bad boys and 110 calories. I will eat a bag and literally be full for the next two hours.

I haven't taken my official "after" photos yet, but I did just get my family photos back from our photographer, and I'm so much happier in how I look this year compared to this time last year.
I feel like my face has slimmed down but also my stomach for sure. Granted, it's more hidden in the 2017 photo but I remember taking those photos in 2016 and hating every minute of it. I felt so defeated, even when getting dressed that day for the photos. (Also, can we just talk about how much my older son has grown?! Where did the time go?)

Now I still have holiday parties to go to, and I know that I'm going to be offered tamales, fajitas, more cookies than I could ever eat and don't forget the eggnog, but it goes back to making those healthy choices that Medifast supports - eat small, eat often, eat healthy.  I did get my last order of food and it's been nice to see that cabinet full of things I love and don't feel like I have to shame-eat in the back of my car.

Time for some stats.

Starting weight: 248 pounds
Last update: 227 pounds
This week: 228 pounds

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I really am looking forward to 2018 and even though there's already going to be some major changes in my life that I'm worried about, armed with the good eating habits I'm establishing, I feel good about where I am. No more eating an entire pizza in one seating and then grabbing a "second lunch" a few hours later.

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