The Beauty Loser: Medifast Update #5


Happy December! This is my favorite month of the entire year and I'm super stoked to get this month started. But what about all the food?!

So obviously we just got over Thanksgiving. I had some serious anxiety about food because I didn't know what our Thanksgiving plans were, literally up to the day of. We had lots of offers to go with friends or family but my husband was leaving for a hunting trip the next morning so I didn't feel like traveling or doing much more than laying on my couch.

However, Medifast was THERE for me. Well, at least the Lean & Green meal was on point. I spent a solid afternoon looking at other Medifast related blogger posts and Instagram images and one that looked amazing was the Turkey Meatball Marinara so I decided to take the plunge and order it this month as I mentioned in my last posting. I don't normally eat turkey and I especially don't eat turkey over hamburger meat but I'm really serious about changing my eating habits.

In the end, that was my Thanksgiving meal.

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And I'm not mad about it! The best part about Medifast for me has been that I'm FULL when I eat it. It's really helpful when the candy jars get put on the desks and the holiday cookies get left in the break room. I'm not mindlessly eating because it's there.

Now this is not to say I've been perfect. During the Thanksgiving break, I also had a Dr. Pepper and I was slightly miserable. Medifast is VERY low in sugar, most items have 1-3 grams or less. A 20 ounce Dr. Pepper has SIXTY FOUR GRAMS of sugar. I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I've bought cases at a time. I used to drink at least 2 if not 3 of the 20 oz bottles a day. But the sugar is killing me - literally. I just can't down them like I used to but that's a good thing.

The other thing that I binged on was chips and dip and I hadn't done that in ages. Worse, it was late at night AND in front of the tv. Now I'm not going to say that I'll never eat at night, or that I will never eat in front of the tv but realizing the behavior ahead of time helps me stop the behavior. Plus the bloated feeling I got afterwards is a good reminder to NOT do this again. I've also found the same bloated feeling from eating pizza -- which was previously my favorite food in the entire world.

One huge NSV (non-scale victory) for me this last week was getting to wear a belt that I hadn't worn in over a year. I was really excited to be able to put it on and it wasn't on the last belt loop like that last time I wore it. I haven't been clothes shopping in a long time now, and I tend to wear a lot of Lularoe leggings or Carly dresses but I do want to try on a new pair of jeans soon and just see where I'm at.

The other big thing is that people are definitely seeing that I've lost weight. I was stopped several times this week by coworkers who told me that they could see the weight loss in my face and one who said "I really can see it from the back" which is a great accomplishment for me. I still haven't added the gym into my routine but I'm making more conscious efforts to walk to places instead of driving at work, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Last time I updated, just a few people had taken notice but now I feel like it's a lot more. I can't wait to get my family photos back and see what THAT tells me.

I just placed my order for my last month of food and I'm really sticking to the foods that I know that I'll eat and love. With the holidays approaching, it's hard to make good choices sometimes but eating small and eating often is the key for me. I also have to get back to drinking lots of water. With the changing weather, I'm finding my lips are chapped and hurting.

Accountability time:
SW: 248
CW: 227.

Okay, so why the big NO on my goal weight? So yes, my ultimate goal weight is 160 but I need to remember to take small chunks as a success. I didn't think I'd see myself under 240 ever again. Then it was "Oh man, can I get to 230?" Now I'm excited to see 220 and from there, my goal will be 200. I think by making my goals easier to obtain, I will continue to stay motivated.

Also, the fact that I'm down 21 pounds since Columbus Day is inspiring for me. I can only speak for me and my journey, but I'm super happy with it. I think I've done well and been honest to myself, my diet, my body, and my life.

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