Glisten & Glow Shimmer Me Timbers

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One of the more interesting things when cleaning out my nail polish is realizing 1: how many indies I have acquired in the past several years and 2: how many polishes I have that are AMAZING. Tonight I was cleaning out a box that's been sitting by my desk for over a year (sad, I know) when I realized I had this great Glisten & Glow beauty sitting here.

Today's polish is Shimmer Me Timbers from the Pirate's Booty collection. It's a teal linear holographic polish that has this beautiful purple shimmer which makes it great for low light or sunlight. I can't believe this has just sat here next to me for more than a year!

I started with a base of Glisten & Glow base coat and then used 2 coats of polish. This is a highly opaque polish so I may have been able to get away with one but I always prefer two thin coats. I finished it off with Glisten & Glow top coat (which YAY I finished up a bottle today!).

So when I first painted a nail wheel with this polish, I was all for it. It leans more green than blue but I'm funky, I can handle it. So I did a full manicure and fully intend on wearing it to work.

However, after both hands were done, I looked down and I don't really feel like "me". I know it's because I've been wearing lots of red lately (no real reason) or just have had bare nails. I really haven't had anything crazy on my hands since I started my marketing job 2 and a half years ago. That being said, I LOVE this polish! I think it reminds me to BE me - the girl who can wear any color. I've done it with my hair and I've done it with lipstick... I can do this with nails.

On to the pictures:

Here in my lightbox, I feel you can really see how it leans pretty green. The shimmer isn't super in your face on the nail but it adds a layer of depth to the polish which I really love. I think it also helps bring the opacity so you're not seeing my nail line.

I added a second light so you could see the holo a little better. When you take this out in the sun, the holo takes over completely and the shimmer is non-existent - here is a photo with flash just to show the intensity.

Yeah, loads of holo. This also makes the polish look SUPER green based. It does lean green but it's not straight up evergreen green.

Sadly this polish isn't available on the website anymore.

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