Fancy Gloss Electric Violet

Nothing To Disclose

This past February, I participated in a Nail Polish Exchange through redditgifts, and I was participant #318. This was my first time participating and I had a pretty awesome time! One of the gifts I got was this awesome indie from Fancy Gloss called Electric Violet. This is a purple based polish with turquoise shimmer.

I used a base coat of Morgan Taylor ReactMAX Optical Brightener and just two coats of polish! I finished it with Glisten & Glow top coat. I was really surprised that it was full coverage in just two coats because normally I've found polishes like this to be super sheer and need several coats.

I'm in love with it. You'll notice some discoloring on the label... that's because my cat is a jerk and threw up on my desk. Another reason why I'm working to clear my desk. Thanks cats.

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