ILNP Versailles

Nothing To Disclose

There are a few brands that I'm very loyal to and today is one of them. I've bought almost every single ILNP polish that has ever come out and I'm only missing 17 from their entire line up of 383 polishes. There's just something magical about this line and I'm a huge fan. Today I'm trying out ILNP Versailles from the Spring 2017 collection.

I used a base coat of Morgan Taylor ReactMAX Optical Brightener and then 2 coats of polish. I probably should have used a third coat for full opacity but it did cover well in 2. I finished with Glisten & Glow top coat. This is a yellow gold Ultra Holo with metallic gold sparkles.

This tends to blend in with my skin tone and I'm not much into gold but there's several occasions where I can see myself pulling this out for an accent nail (hello football season!). or two. 

You can purchase ILNP on their website. For more on ILNP, be sure to following their various social media platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.