Glisten & Glow Doo-Wop & Drive-Ins

Press Sample

Rabbit rabbit - Happy June! I cannot believe we're nearly on the back end of 2018 but here we are! I've been watching lots of Hoarders on TV and it's been motivating me to get my polish moving again. I was doing so good at the end of May and then realized I have to keep it going! Today I pulled out a Glisten & Glow polish called Doo-Wop & Drive-Ins.

I used a base coat of Morgan Taylor ReactMAX Optical Brightener, two coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat. The first coat was not super smooth but the second coat self-leveled and was perfect. This polish also stamps really well for reference.

This is a peachy creme from the 1950s Nostalgia collection. It's not a mannequin polish for me and does show up more peach but I do think this is going on the purge shelf. It's not my favorite shade of polish and I know someone else could find love with it soon.

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