Native War Paints Crisp Red Apples

Nothing To Disclose

Well I ended up snagging a corner of my index nail on my left hand and decided to go for the deep chop. I love having shorties when it comes to fall anyway! Granted, it doesn't feel like fall here but I pulled out my Native War Paints Crisp Red Apples to try and get some fall in my life!

I started with a base of Morgan Taylor REACT Max in Optical Brightener, three coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat. This is supposed to be a deep red holographic polish with a hint of shimmer from the Autumn Romance collection but for me, it was more of a rusty brown with hidden holo.

I'm not sure if this faded or what but my nails are definitely brown-red and not purple-red like the website suggests. I will be reaching out to the company to see if mine was a known fader.

Here it is with the flash to see that hidden holo.

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