Morgan Taylor Let There Be Moonlight

Press Sample

I'm still wishing for my perfect grey creme y'all. I've been through so many greys but I'm still looking for my PERFECT one so let's see how Morgan Taylor Let There Be Moonlight from the winter 2019 Champagne & Moonbeams collection works. This was a really large collection too - with 12 polishes in a variety of colors and finishes.

I started with my favorite, Morgan Taylor REACTmax Optical Brightener, 2 coats of polish and finished with cuccio high gloss top coat. My nails are starting to get super long but I wanted to finish out this collection before I chop them all off. Let's see what happens.

So this is a blue toned grey for me so I do really like it. Is it perfect? It's close. I ended up wearing this for a few days and didn't get bored. I also would like to do some white stamping over it or sponge like strokes but I'm just trying to get through my stash before I get crazy.

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