CND Pink Wishes colour

I posted a couple of months ago about CND's Pink Wishes, a colour and pearl effects set and now i have it to share!  I'm breaking it up into colour and effects posts, because well, I'm just unique like that.  :]

I used a base coat of CND Stickey and then 4 coats of Pink Wishes colour.  Yes, four painstakingly thin coats.  I just couldn't get it to sit right or be even coated.  I'm not sure what the deal was - was it my base coat?  Was it the ridiculous heat of Texas not sitting right with the formula?  I topped it with a coat of CND Air Dry top coat.

Even with 4 coats, it is a pretty pink - more of a pale colour.

I really prefer it in the shade though - again I apologize for the messy shaped nails... I never got to my manicurist.

Indoors with the flash - you can see that it finally evened out to a nice solid creme.

Today I went to Bella Bella Hair Salon (which I highly recommend for anyone in the Coastal Bend area) to work with the Breast Cancer Awareness promotion that they are a part of with MD Photography.  I had my peek a boo purple Elumen pieces dyed hot pink and they added some pink tinsel as well.  I'm still a bit shocked to see myself with pink but hey, it's just hair!  And it's cute.  :]

My friend Karen has Stage IV metastatic breast cancer ever since I've known her and I was thinking of her a lot today while all of us were lined up getting pink in our hair.  I have a lot of love and prayers for her, even though I never say it enough.  Hug your friends today.

And on that note, I'm off to the gym to go to Zumba for the first time in 4 months!

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