CND Pink Wishes effect

After a very annoyingly horrid experience of changing to AT&T U-verse (which turns out, I really didn't HAVE to do - I'm not getting any better service or even speed because I'm outside the service area), I'm back today with the duo of CND's Pink Wishes - the Effect.  Using the previous colour, I added one coat of the Pink Wishes Effect.  CND describes it as a sweet, pale pink pearlescent sheen.  I really am in love with how the effects line can transform your polishes.

Now granted this is a pink on pink effect, so the shimmer (pearl) isn't as strong as I'd like it to me.  Great for the office or a low key event, but definitely not an in your face effect.

The effect is almost completely lost in the shade as you can see.  The bottle shows more than the nail.

Indoors with the flash, and again this is just a very subtle effect.  If you'd like to check the effect over black polish, The PolishAholic has a great swatch here.

Pink Wishes Colour & Effects Duo
Pink Wishes Colour, a cotton-candy pink, layers beautifully with Pink Wishes Effect for a sweet, pale pink pearlescent sheen.

Includes a .33 fl oz bottle of Pink Wishes Colour and a .33 fl oz bottle of Pink Wishes Effect.

Suggested retail price:  $20.00 US / $25.00 Canada

Available for a limited time only in salons and professional beauty supply stores.  For locations, visit

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