Ozotic Pro 528

Today I have such a beautiful rare gem from my collection - Australian brand Ozotic Pro from piCture pOlish.  This is 528 from the Elytra collection and it's a multi-chromatic glitter that shows up either blue, green or purple.  So much to talk about, so many pictures to show you!

First off, many many many thanks to Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries who brought this beauty to me (and a couple of others!) when we met at Cosmoprof North America.

Second, this is an older bottle of Ozotic Pro, at 16 mL.  The new bottles which just launched recently are more rectangular shaped and only 15 mL.
Photo from piCture pOlish
Third, this is not a color to wear alone.  I used a base of nubar Noir and then two coats of 528 followed by some Seche Vite.  Now for photo explosion!

In the sun, this color is okay - not spectacular.  The black base almost makes you lose the purple and you mostly see the green and blue.  Meh - okay.

I'm skipping my shade pictures for a minute so you can see indoors with the flash:
You really lose the purple and instead see this sea of turquoise.  Still a bit meh for me.

But then... shade... Are you sitting down?

Oh man I'm in love with this polish.  

You can purchase piCture pOlish and Ozotic from piCture pOlish's website directly, but know that it's coming from Australia, so your shipping will be a bit more expensive than you're probably used to.  You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

For the USA crowd, there is currently one US distributor named Llarowe.  Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to purchase anything so I don't know anything about her store or shipping but feel free to look at the link.  The old bottle (like the one I have pictured) is selling at $17.50 for 16 mL.  (To compare, a bottle of China Glaze is 14 mL.)

Update:  Overall Beauty is now selling Ozotic too!  Kim is a sweetheart and while I haven't purchased from her yet, I do know that she's great with her customers.