Creative Bioscience Challenge: Final

I am not a doctor.  The following post is written with my opinions and the information provided from the Creative Bioscience website.  You should discuss any weight loss treatment with your doctor before you start it.  

January 1st marked the end of my 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge from Creative Bioscience who is sponsoring my product trial of African Mango 1200TM for 90 days in my effort to lose weight.

Now, last month I gained 2 pounds but gone down a dress size and was feeling more full during the day, so it was like an even wash.  December was going to be challenging with my wedding, my birthday, Christmas and New Years.  I knew getting to the gym would be hard, as would saying no to so many tempting foods.

And I was 100% right.  I had cake (wonderful, 4 layer white cake)... and quite a bit of it.  I also had cookies, candy, popcorn, tamales, and lots of soda.  I was eating during the day, not at night, but I was eating a lot.  I was still taking my pills during the morning and feeling full during the day after eating, but I wasn't eating healthily.  I tried to stick to Subway for lunch instead of Mexican food (the town I work in has only 3 restaurants) and that helped.

Despite all that, lazy won out and I gained an additional 2 pounds and was no longer down a dress size.

So what does this mean?  Would I recommend the product again?  It's hard to say.  Had I followed a workout routine and better diet, I'm sure I would have seen more results, since I did have the full feeling during the days and that's part of my problem.  However, knowing my current lifestyle, I would not try this particular method again.

I will be holding a giveaway soon for one reader to try out their own 90 day challenge - please stay tuned!


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