The Original Pedi-Sox

Image Courtesy of Original Pedi-Sox Facebook Page

When I received an email asking me if I'd like to try the Original Pedi-Sox, I was all over it.  I've heard of Pedi-Sox, but I had never seen them in person... although the idea was genius!  I hate having cold feet in the winter but getting a pedicure and wearing shoes is pretty difficult unless you are getting a Shellac pedicure, so it was always the same... hop out the door and try to jump in the car before freezing in flip flops.

Not only can you wear Pedi-Sox for your pedicure appointment, but you can DIY it at home as well - slip on your favorite body lotion and put on your Pedi-Sox to keep your heels moisturized through the night.

So I received 3 pairs and was eager to go test it out.

I had two small issues.

The first was I didn't know how to put them on!  I looked at it three times before finally thinking "I got this."  However, you can see that I definitely didn't have it and was actually wearing the Pedi-Sox upside down.  The brand name is supposed to be up at your ankles, not down at your toes.

Secondly, these are "one size fits most" type of deals and as you can see on my left foot - I'm busting out.  I have psoriatic arthritis and it affects different parts of my body.  The one that is affected the most is my left ankle.  It swells up with fluid and gets cranky - and this was no exception.  You can see how much thicker it is to my right ankle.  Because of this, it was hard to get the Pedi-Sox on (and frankly, I question if me putting them on upside down didn't help any).  However, I will totally wear them again because I think it's just too cute.  They have all kinds of designs now - solids, stripes, even ones that resemble Mary Jane shoes.

The Original Pedi-Sox [Website | Facebook | Twitter] can be found on their website or through distributors (also on their website).  They offer both retail and wholesale sales and they are taking on new distributors as well.  Each pair is $9, are machine washable and are a acrylic and nylon blend.
Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.