Pretty Serious Christmas Without Snow

I still haven't taken the Pretty Serious plunge (mostly because I'm working on cleaning out my stash as it is) but I have to say, she is bringing out some awfully cute collections!  Australia is on my list of places to visit before I die, and I think it would be kind of neat to go during the winter. Granted, it's not like I'm not used to Christmas without snow... All images courtesy of Pretty Serious.

Christmas without snow? What a preposterous notion! For the rest of the world, maybe. But down here in Australia, we love to crack out the beer and boardshorts and soak up the sun at this very special time of year. We wanted to capture the spirit of an Aussie Christmas with our very first seasonal collection consisting of six amazing new nail shades to help you celebrate Christmas the Aussie way!

This rich green shines with a mesmerizing blue shimmer! Perfect for those post Christmas celebrations!

Shining stars sparkle in the velvet sky. This inky blue jelly with silver micro glitter is a nightscape on your nails!

Splash about in this gorgeous peacock jelly, swimming with flecks of green and blue!

It seems that Santa's Sunburn is the best type of sunburn! This jolly red foil sparkles with tiny flecks of silver.

Seasonal Sunset's rusty jelly base is packed to bursting with bright golden and copper microglitter particles and the result is simply breathtaking. It's a Christmas sunset on your nails!

Like stars that sparkle in the sky, or Christmas lights twinkling in the night, Twinkling Lights will add something special to every manicure!

And to make things even cooler, our Christmas polishes will come in cute Christmas themed red holographic boxes with new artwork by our one and only Leigh Young! The perfect stocking stuffer! You won't even need to wrap them!

RRP is $9.95, with a 10% discount for buying all six shades! Pretty Serious Cosmetics also ships worldwide. Check out our site for more details.

Bottle volume is 11ml/0.37 fl.oz. Pretty Serious Cosmetics is 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.