It's a Mish Mash

I wanted to apologize for my little break here - after my awesome party month in December (Blogiversary, getting married, my birthday, Christmas and New Years), I was hit with a hard reality.  On my parents 35th wedding anniversary, January 2nd, my mom passed away unexpectedly.  The hardest part hasn't been my own grief, but that of everyone else's.  My mom touched a lot of lives - more than I ever realized.

I'm okay.

I am, however, having to settle affairs and get her things in order.  She didn't have any kind of funeral plans or arrangements so there's that.  Additionally, I have to devote some time to helping my dad do a purge of items because my mom was a good record keeper to put it kindly.  Everything she had, has a story or a purpose so my weekends are going to be dedicated to getting that taken care of for a little while.  I am still going to be working on PolishGalore - I have lots of press releases to share!  But additionally I have a LOT of polish to share, some that I've been really excited about.

Lots of love.