Gelish MINI Trends

I stopped in Sally's this past weekend and was intrigued to see this new collection of Gelish MINI polishes for $15.95 each. I had to reach out for more information because we all know how knowledgeable some employees can be.

This new collection is called Trends and it's a seasonally-inspired grouping of the most sought after colors and textures for layering on top of other Gelish colors or wearing alone. Sixteen brand new colors, people!

No more talking, LOOK AT THESE. (Images courtesy of Gelish)

All That Glitters Is Gold
Gold glitter

Candy Shop
Green & blue glitter

Let Me Top You Off
Purple, red & blue glitter

Too Tough to Be Sweet
Magenta glitter

Girls' Night Out
Chunky silver glitter

Concrete Couture
Black & silver glitter

Rough Around The Edges
Iridescent holographic flakes

Am I Making You Gelish?
Silver holographic glitter

A Pinch of Pepper
White & black dots

Feel Me On Your Fingertips
Purple glitter

Lots of Dots
Fine multi-colored dots

Sweet 16
Pink glitter

Life of The Party
Red glitter

Blue, pink & silver glitter

Getting Gritty With It
Blue, pink and turquoise glitter

Are You Feeling It?
Turquoise, blue & green glitter

-dies- I seriously had to stop myself from just buying them all. My must haves are Are You Feeling It?, Rough Around the Edges, Am I Making You Gelish? and A Pinch of Pepper. Don't even pretend like you know I'm not obsessed with black and white glitter.  LOVE.

Bonus: Did you know Gelish MINI has their own website now?