I ♥ Nail Polish Update

I really hadn't heard of the brand I ♥ Nail Polish, also written as I Love Nail Polish or ILNP, before this year but boy, have they quickly become one of my favorite brands.

For starters, founder Barbra is very specific about branding. When you purchase from I ♥ Nail Polish, your box is branded, the tissue paper is branded, and each bottle shade is very professionally labeled. It's the little things that make me really enjoy a company - the attention to detail is exquisite.

Next let's talk about the founder. I got to meet her this summer at the Ninja Polish blogger dinner in Vegas and she is the sweetest woman ever. She was very humble and kind and that's something else that really sticks out for me. If you've been following her social media, specifically the I ♥ Nail Polish Facebook Page, she will share manicures that she enjoys - even when her brand is no where in the photo. It's no question to me why her brand has been so successful (over 182,000 fans on Facebook alone!).

Now I own quite a bit of I ♥ Nail Polish that I bought straight from her website and then she did it to me with the Ultra Chromes (especially Birefringence, which is my new love). Now she's completely outdone herself by adding holographic goodness to the mix, bringing back 2 retired shades AND introducing 10 more shades that will be available for pre-order on November 1st. Let's look at the lovelies, shall we? (All images courtesy of I ♥ Nail Polish)

Absolute Zero

AC Slater (originally retired)

Admire Me

Birefringence H (now with holographic goodness!)

Bottle Service


Cygnus Loop H (now with holographic goodness!)


Grapealicious (originally retired)

Indie Go


Mutagen H (now with holographic goodness!)

My Little Glacier H (now with holographic goodness!)

Pt 78


Sweet Serenade

Washing Ashore

But wait, there's even more! If you pre-order on November 1st, each polish will be $1.00 off the official release price. EVEN BETTER THAN THAT if you pre-order at least 3 pre-order polishes in a single order, you will receive a limited edition, not-for-sale holographic polish totally FREE!

And there's even more. If you sign up for the I ♥ Nail Polish newsletter here, 5 lucky winners will win the complete set of 16 polishes announced on November 8th.  Already bought them? Well you will get a total refund of your order if you win and you don't have to pay for shipping AND YES this is open internationally! (PolishGalore is not affiliated with this giveaway in any way, shape or form.)

I'm exhausted. So much amazing goodness in one posting.  For more on the I ♥ Nail Polish brand, be sure to following their various social media platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.