Gelish Mini Updates

Are you a gel fan? While we all have our preferences, I have to say, I've been super happy to see all the colors coming from Gelish and Gelish MINI. You may not understand the difference so here it is simply. Gelish is the professional line (bigger bottles). Gelish MINI is the "consumer" version that you can purchase at Sally's Beauty Supply. (All images courtesy of Gelish.)

This fall, Gelish came out with the Under Her Spell collection. I got to see these at Cosmoprof North America this summer and they were nice and vampy.

A Touch of Sass
Jeweled Black Cherry

I'm No Stranger To Love
Rich Navy-Teal

Love Me Like A Vamp
Jeweled Black Violet

Lust At First Sight
Smoky Dark Taupe

My Nightly Craving
Creamy Greyish Pink-Lavender

Want To Cuddle?
Creamy Greyish Mauve
I'm showing the MINI bottles which can be purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply for $14.95/bottle.

Finally, this winter Gelish & Gelish Mini are coming out with a great holiday set of reds. Again, these are the MINI versions that can be found at Sally's for $14.95

Stand Out
Deep red creme

Hot Rod Red
Red creme

Red Roses
Red creme

Queen of Hearts
Deep red shimmer

Good Gossip
Red glitter

Rose Garden
Blue red frost

Additionally, Gelish will have 2 limited edition polishes available only as full sized (for professionals/salons). Be sure to ask your favorite salon about them!

Dancer, Prancer & Cranberry Vixen
Deep red creme *Limited Edition*

With His Red So Bright
Red glitter *Limited Edition*

And there you have it! What Gelish MINI color are you most excited about?