Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Rose Gold

Press Sample

Sally Hansen has been stepping up their nail art game so I was excited when they came out with Chrome Powders for consumer use. I've also been on a huge rose gold kick for the past several months so I was all over this kit.

The kit itself contains the chrome powder, a special effects top coat, and an applicator (that looks just like an eyeshadow applicator). Separately, I also had Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Frill Seeker and the Miracle Gel top coat. Neither needs a light to cure but is long lasting like a gel.

To start, I used two thin coats of Frill Seeker which is a light nude with good opaque coverage. I let that dry for 2 minutes so that it was still tacky and then took the applicator and dipped it into the chrome powder. You rub the powder into the nail with light pressure with a back and forth motion so you don't pull up the color. After I had all 5 nails done, I used the Special Effects top coat and let it dry for 5 minutes. The top coat is a little thick so watch for pooling. I got too much on my pinkie and it flooded into my cuticle and needed to be cleaned up. It was almost like a glue. Finally I sealed all nails with the Miracle Gel top coat and brushed the excess powder off my cuticles with a dry clean up brush.

So I feel that the "chrome" look didn't happen for me this time and instead, this is way more of a pink shimmer. I definitely don't look like the picture on the box. I felt like I used enough powder and waited the appropriate timing but I just didn't get the chrome look that I was hoping for. I happened to read the review from The Daily Nail and she seemed to have the same conclusion I did so that makes me feel a little more leveled. 

Have you tried any chrome powders lately? What's your favorite combination? I cannot find anything on the kits currently but they were around $15 a kit at its original release.

Sally Hansen [Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram] can be found at several stores including CVS/pharmacy [official website] and Walgreens [official website].

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