Girly Bits Dibs!

Nothing To Disclose

I've always been a fan of Girly Bits Cosmetics ever since that the creator, Pam, lives in the same named city that I do - except she's in Canada! I bought one of her polishes, Cosmic Ocean, back in 2013 when all the bottles had a handplaced gem on them. Those were the days!

Today I grabbed for Girly Bits Dibs! from the PolishCon Chicago 2016 collection. This was a limited edition, one run polish that is a mauve-y purple holo with pink shimmer and holo copper microglitter. The name was inspired by an apparent Chicago tradition in the winter months, where residents will shovel out a parking spot then place an item (often a lawn chair) in the parking spot to reserve it for later. The name totally cracks me up and while it wasn't snowing when I was in Chicago, I can appreciate the concept.

I used Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling base coat, three coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat. The first two coats looked a little thin but the third coat made my nails nicely opaque.

In low light, I can only see the pink shimmer and some faint holo. Direct light is needed for the full holo effect.

See what I mean about that pink shimmer? I can also see the copper microglitter here.

And then BAM HELLO. There's that holo goodness that we know and love. This is a cute polish. I didn't think I'd love it when I grabbed the bottle but I do like the dusty nature of it.

Girly Bits can be purchased on her website or through her approved distributors. Prices range from $10 (USD) to $12 (USD). Join the conversation on FacebookInstagramGoogle+Twitter, & Pinterest.