Morgan Taylor Put A Wing On It

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In my day job with the Navy, I end up interacting with some really amazing people - one of them being the editor of our local newspaper. He has a great dry wit and there was a time where we were talking about something that he said "What is happening" in a really dry sarcastic way and it really stuck with me. Well today is a "What is happening" with the polish that I decided to pull out of a box that's been sitting next to my desk.

Now I love me some Morgan Taylor - I really do. The collections are always on point, the formula is awesome, the new brush is my favorite, and the overall design is just cake. Today I pulled out Put A Wing On It from the Sweetheart Squadron collection that came out in fall 2016. I was so stoked about this collection because for me, it was all about that Navy spouse waiting for her aviator husband... and since my Naval base trains half of the Navy's pilots, I was just smitten.

I started with Glisten & Glow base coat, used 3 coats of polish (what), and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat.

Okay y'all. This is not what I was expecting. The polish itself has a red jelly base which is neat and squishy but again... what? Then there is this intense orange/gold shimmer that just literally took over the polish for me. While this polish is NOT neon, it nearly looked like it on my nails. Plus, three coats of polish wasn't enough to give me opaque nails. I should have gone with a tinted base coat so I could have saved the polish (although seriously, when I have gone through a bottle of color before). But it always would have saved me from saying "What is happening?" I still don't even know if I like this color or not. I'm not used to orange pulling red polishes and I was just shocked at this little lady. It's definitely a bold color for sure.

Morgan Taylor [Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube] is available at CosmoProf for $8.50 a bottle. Online, non-professionals can purchase Morgan Taylor at Ulta Beauty

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