Barielle A Bouquet for Ana vs China Glaze Shower Together

Yesterday after I put on my shades by Barielle "A Bouquet for Ana" I kept thinking that I had another color that looked just like it.  So I got on the floor (my polish spinners got knocked down there since I needed the side tables for well, side table purposes again) and started looking.  Finally I figured it out.  China Glaze Shower Together.  So I removed a bit of polish and did a little comparison.

 The bottle in sunlight made me really feel that these were dupes.  On however, was a different story.  If you remember, A Bouquet for Ana was 2 coats (one thin and one thick).  Shower Together was also 2 coats but in China Glaze fashion, it was two thin coats, no pooling into the cuticles.  I used Seche Natural for the base coat and Seche Vite for my top coat.

You can start to see in the shade that this is not a dupe, but rather, cousins.  A Bouquet for Ana (on my index and ring finger) is slightly darker than Shower Together (shown on the middle and pinkie fingers).

In the sun was the same story.  Some of my sun pictures did not show a difference in the colors but there was a slight one - I could tell I was wearing two different blues.  At this point, I got silly and threw on a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic because I realized I have like... 12 bottles.  (I went nuts and bought 2 Sally's stores clear out when they were on sale for $1.99.)

Thanks for reading!  I was able to grab a little bit of sun for my next manicure - it's one of my absolute favorites - the second polish I wore when I started collecting again!

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