Rescue Beauty Lounge Surfer Girl

Nail Polish Surf Colors

They aren't even out but the new Surfer Girl colors from Rescue Beauty Lounge are already pre-sold out.  ^_^  I've actually asked about review samples, but didn't receive a reply email.  Official release below:

Doesn't everyone want to be an uber-cool Surf chick? With that perfect salt-styled hair, glowing skin and laid-back attitude. Those sporty-fresh models at the Proenza Schouler Spring 2010 show inspired me to bring vintage surfer-chic to the beaches of Manhattan and beyond. I even learned some surf-speak to name our latest collection:
Diddy Mow, a surf term for a harsh wipeout, is a putty green—the color of sand through sea water, the moment before you eat it!
360° is a move where the surfer and board spin around on the face of a wave. It also is a gorgeous deepwater aqua blue polish.

And nothing sets off a tan (bottle or spray, of course) like
Bangin'—a hot red coral like the sun sizzling on the horizon.

And if Spring weather seems far away, fear not. These colors are wonderful accents against late winter’s grays, browns and blacks.

Pre-order now—the web is already buzzing about these new colors. Then get ready to “hang 20” glamorous nails at your next mani/pedi.