Well I WAS going to post, but things just haven't been going right for me!  I did quit my job (the one I just got in January?  Yeah.) for a number of reasons, not limited to "YOU'RE CUTTING INTO MY BLOGGING!"  (Seriously, I get home barely in time for some setting sun pictures - no bueno.)

Then my video card went out.  Turns out the fan was dying and something burst - and the new one that my friend bought?  Yeah, doesn't support my dual monitor set up.  AND NOW MY MEDIA READERS DON'T WORK.  Therefore, no pictures.

Things I have to post (at some point):
-Piggy Paint's new Tween Line, and my personalized coupon code for it!
-An OPI (my second only) that is like a party threw up on your nails.
-My very first Illamasqua
-More of the China Glaze Poolside collection
-A couple of Cheeky Monkey polishes 
-Some drug store Sally Hansen's
-My first Borghese
-A very green Sinful Colors

And I know of at least one more summer collection that is headed my way.

My last day of work is April 1st.  Then you will see my wrath.  (In a flurry of blog posts!)