Nfu-Oh Sale

Woo!  I found this floating around in my inbox from [official website]

We're pleased to offer you a Store Coupon for March Special.

You can redeem this coupon during checkout. Just enter the code in the box
provided, and click on the redeem button.

The coupon code is fabmarch2010

The coupon is valid between 03/01/2010 and 03/31/2010

Don't lose the coupon code, make sure to keep the code safe so you can
benefit from this special offer.

March 2010 Special (10% off)

From now until Mar 31st, 2010, enjoy a 10% discount when you puchase $125 or

Offer have unlimit usage.


  1. This one didn't really impress me. I love me some Nfu Oh, but having to buy 9 bottles to get one free isn't my idea of a great discount. But thanks for sharing it, some folks might take 'em up on the offer.

  2. Yeah, it's hard to justify our habits sometimes, but at least it's something ^_^ I've been on a bit of a no-buy because I'm about to purchase a LOT of polish and want to make sure I don't go too crazy on the shopping!