Zoya "Flash and Sparkle" Summer 2010 Collection

I saw this email this morning and whoaaaaaa.  I love glitters like I love my son (heh) so this makes me happy.

Please click on the pictures to view them bigger.

Zoya Flash Collection
Robyn (ZP513) - perfect turquoise cream
Perrie (ZP514) - soft lavender cream
Dana (ZP515) - american rose cream
Jolene (ZP516) - summer pink cream
Maura (ZP517) - electric crimson cream
Jancyn (ZP518) - soft tangerine cream

Zoya Sparkle Collection
Ivanka (ZP507) - mermaid green sparkling metallic
Charla (ZP508) - tropical blue sparkling metallic
Mimi (ZP509) - royal purple sparkling metallic
Alegra (ZP510) - fuchsia pink sparkling metallic
Nidhi (ZP511) - rich red sparkling metallic
Gilda (ZP512) - fashion pink sparkling metallic

CREAMS AND METALLIC GLITTERS FOR SUMMER?  Whoa awesome.  Very different from China Glaze's neons.  Flash and Sparkle by Zoya will be available April 1, 2010. Zoya [official website] can be purchased on their website.