China Glaze Snow vs Moonlight vs White on White

For my Poolside swatches, I wanted a good white to put under as a base coat, in order to really make the neons pop.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I had THREE white cremes (so I thought) in my China Glaze stash.

The Glitters and Cremes (also known as the Specialty collection) that came out last year had a large about of pinks and whites, but all were a little different.  That's where Snow came from.  Moonlight is from the Blush Collection.  Finally White on White is a core line color.

In my sun picture, it doesn't look like there is ANY difference, which made me question my collection habits ^_^

I used Seche Natural for a base and then just one coat of each polish (because I was going to be layering the neon on top).  That's when it became clear.

Snow applied the best - while it was still a bit streaky, it had the best overall coverage in one coat.  Moonlight is super sheer - that's a big no go for my purposes today.  Finally White on White while opaque, had more bald spots than Snow.

I did get 2 swatches of Poolside in today, but I don't want to TOTALLY overload my faithful readers.  Soon my pretties!

China Glaze [official website] can be found online through several etailers, including my favorite Head2Toe Beauty [official website], Sally's Beauty Supply [official website] as well asTransDesign [official website].


  1. These 3 are a pain to get on without streaks for me. I tried using them for a base for some konad. Not a good deal. 5 coats!

    1. I just saw today that White on White applied to an AII employee in TWO coats. I will be doing a follow up.

  2. wow, I'm surprised by how different they look!

  3. Oh I've just bought China Glaze Cloud Nine because I wanted a white first China Glaze, eee!

    I'm really surprised by how similar they all look in the bottle to how different they look on the nail...

  4. Very helpful comparison! Thanks! =)

  5. I am shocked by how different they all are!