Blogs of Note

It's Super Bowl Sunday here in the USA, and I'm stoked to watch the game.  While I start pre-gaming, here's some blogs of note for you to nosh on.

Jellynat: Medium to Long nails - slightly sporadic posting (had a down computer and was missing her photo editing software) but still a good place for searching older posts.

Just Nice Things:  Definitely long nail blog here - which I think is super cool!  I wish I had long nails sometimes!  You'll also find guest blogging reviews, some makeup, and some great blogger interviews here.  I do believe this blog is updated daily, so be sure to put her in your RSS/GFC feed!

Keerthamina: This is another blogger who hasn't updated in a while but does have some great older posts to check out - reviews and some art.  I really do like researching other colors on other blogs - especially some of the "core" colors from companies.  ^_^