CND Daily Nail 2.12.11 Binetti ManiCUBE Brings New Meaning to "Nail Art"

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The CND Daily Nail 2.12.11  
Binetti ManiCUBE Brings New Meaning to "Nail Art" 

February 12, 2011 - Ladies (and gentlemen), prepare to have your first nailgasm. It won't take long, I promise!

At Binetti, Kristina Estabrooks created the ultimate in nail art - the ManiCUBE, a Cubism-inspired style with a Blackjack base on natural nails and "slim-lined" with tips coated in Bloodline over Raisin in the Sun. After the initial color was applied, manicures were embellished with 18 individual custom made adornments comprised of broken glass, fragmented mirrors, hardware nails, and dramatic noir feathers. The black swan to last season's innocent and sweet Cocktail Ring Nail, this look was elegant, edgy and breathtaking. I will let the pictures speak for themselves:   

Diego Binetti Beauty Shot 1Diego Binetti beauty shot 2
Diego Binetti beauty look 3 Diego Binetti beauty look 4
Binetti C&E 
The 90's were back with a 40's glamorous twist at Altuzarra! To match a mixed-texture collection of earthy tones in aubergine, rust, muted army green and black, Angi Wingle created a clean, satin manicure using Super Matte Top Coat.   

Super Matte side CC  

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