Essence Whoom! Boooom!!!

Please enjoy the following press release from Essence.  (I think the names of the colors are wrong, but I'm still waiting for confirmation from Essence)

essence is entering the spring season with a bang! whoom! boooom! In March and April 2011, the new “whoom! boooom!!!” trend edition lets us leave the dark, cold winter behind with a splash of color. The extravagant products and unusual screen print designs are also reminiscent of one of the most popular art genres of our times, pop art! The expressive colors of the new essence whoom! boooom!!! products provide you with plenty of inspiration for your next night out. If you’re getting ready for the party of the year or heading out on a shopping spree with your best friend, the range of colors helps you achieve creative looks in a trendy pop art style. Bright colors are effortlessly combined with strong grey and black shades creating works of art like those by Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol. Your face is a canvas ready to be painted! 

essence whoom! boooom!!! nail polish
Say goodbye to the grey winter months for good with these four expressive nail polish colors. The multitudes of cool colors are enough to make even Andy Warhol jealous! Available in 
andy, you're a star
you've got the art
roy's red
Around 1.79 €*.

essence whoom! boooom!!! mini nail files
essence knows how to create so much more than a stylish eye-catcher—their new mini nail files are also an essential companion when you’re out and about. The files, in a colorful pop art design, are perfectly protected in a tiny to-go-box so that you have them wherever you are! Available in
Around 1.59 €*.

essence whoom! boooom!!! nail sticker
Let your nails speak for themselves! That’s the motto of the new, self-adhesive nail stickers. Hilarious speech bubbles and cool images give your nails the ultimate finishing touch with a bit of the pop art style! Simply stick on your nails and share your pop art with the entire world. Available in
hey ya!
Around 0.99 €*.

essence “whoom! boooom!!!” will be available in stores in March and April 2011.