Jesse's Girl Center Stage

Sad panda, I'm at the very last of the High Intensity line from Jesse's Girl, and it's been a fun ride!  Once again, I should have called this a "jelly", not a creme, as apparent by the pictures you'll see soon.  Speaking of pictures, check out the hole in my concrete in that bottle picture.  Heh.

Side note, I absolutely love the movie Center Stage.

For this Center Stage, I used a base coat of Seche Natural, 2 coats of Center Stage and a top of Seche Vite.

See why I call this a jelly?  You can see that vampy red going on and a bit of bare spots through each nail.  I'm not sure what would be better - another coat or a nude base coat.  Hmm, note to self: Make a post on nude base coats.

The color looks a bit better in the shade as far as the consistency, but again, it's still a bit bald in spots.  Might be great to use as a base coat for Konad/nail art.

Overall, I'm not sure I would purchase this color again but at only $2.99 a bottle, maybe I would.  ^_^

Jesse's Girl sells for $2.99 a bottle online or at Rite Aid stores. You can visit Jesse's Girl on their website, Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.

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