Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!  I have 3 more blogs here for you.
First today is Vampy Varnish.  Blog owner Kelly has short to medium nails and has also started to blog about makeup too.  She gets some advanced releases of certain brands, so she's a good one to watch if you like reading about things way ahead of time.  I do wish that her RSS would load the whole post the first time.  I always have to click the "Read more" from my reader, which I haaaaaate because it loads in a new tab but I'm more inclined to comment because it does load the blog ^_^.  Kelly also created a line of nail polish with BB Couture found here.

Next is Inside Of My Purse which actually a Turkish blog but owner Zuzu writes in both Turkish and English for her readers.  She has short nails and reviews a lot of cremes with other finishes as well.  She recently moved so she was on a bit of a break since everything has been packed up.

Finally today is A Polish Problem.  I love that she promotes other blogs every Friday in her "Blogger Round Up" which includes new and just new to her blogs.  She's one of the people who inspired Blogs of Note.  She was also listed as a Top 50 Nail Blog by  Megan has short pear shaped nails which I have never seen before.  It's great to see a variety of nails out there, and blogging has certainly done that.