Flat Irons

Considering my birthday is in exactly one month from today, and I'm definitely feeling like I'm getting older, I've decided that I needed to start caring more about my appearance.  Nail polish/long nice nails was part of it, but I've also started wearing eyeshadow and lipstick (still not getting into foundation/powder), and actually taking care of my hair.  I have very straight hair, as I showed you in a blog posting awhile back, so I never thought I needed a flat iron until I had my hair done at a salon.  It's crazy how much nicer my hair looks when it's been flat ironed - all the little flyaways are down and the hair almost shines.

However, my knowledge of flat irons is pretty non-existent.  All I know is what friends tell me and there is a kiosk in the mall that constantly tries to ask me "What flat iron do you use?"  Now, I like to read up on products before I buy, and recently I was told about a flat iron reviews website where some of the top rated flat irons can be found.  The best part for me is custom searching with the different tags.  If you're looking for a certain brand, this website has them listed alphabetically or if you have no idea (like me), you can browse by type as well.

I currently own 3 different flat irons - none of them have brand names that I can even remember, and all were very cheap.  I have a tiny traveling one that I used on my bangs when I first cut bangs this year, and I had a wet to dry flat iron that I loved but my Mom took to use for herself, and then I have one that I currently use that I just know gets really hot, really quick.  But just owning a product is half the battle - you have to know how to use it and of course, you have to use it.  At the very bottom of the review website are some tips and advice including how to create wavy hair with your flat iron and even how to clean it.

Do you own a flat iron or plan to get one during this holiday season?

Disclosure: The above post is a paid insertion in exchange for a product from the company to be reviewed for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.