Cheeky Monkey Thigh Highs

Another reader request from Ericka!  She was looking to find the color that Rihanna wore on June 19, 2008 at the Empire State Building lighting in honor of Cartier's "Love Day" (specific, huh?) and thought maybe Cheeky Monkey Thigh Highs was just the right shade.

Image provided by reader.

Cheeky's website lists Thigh Highs as a dark pewter but it definitely gives off a bit of a metallic purple gold as well.

I used a base of Cheeky Monkey Wet Dream, 2 coats of Thigh Highs and a top of Seche Vite.

In the sun, this color looks a little more purple than pewter but there's always the shade!

In the shade, there's a bit more of a brown tone in there but I'm not sure how close it really is to Rihanna's nails.  It seems a little too purple to me.  Sorry Ericka!

Cheeky Monkey can be purchased on their website [official websitefor $15 a bottle.