Stealing is not fun

There has been a rash of websites popping up using other bloggers' pictures and in some cases, their own blogs. I thought I was slightly immune because I'm still new to the game, but I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

Please do feel free to report these posts as well - here's the ones of mine that I know (and have reported) so far.

Again, I did NOT authorize users taking my images and/or blog postings.

China Glaze Gelato 
China Glaze Ingrid
China Glaze Seduce Me
Nicole by OPI Bring On The Tinsel (image only)
Sephora by OPI Club Scene Queen 


  1. luuux is terrible for this stuff, it's a breeding grounds for image-stealers. The user from the first link has been deleted. The other two did write "credit:x". Not saying it's right though, people know what they are doing and clearly it's immoral.

  2. Wow, sorry about that. It's tough, because I know that once they're on the internet, they're fair game, but people should have the decency to ASK for permission and then give credit where it's due. Not that hard, folks!

  3. That's really sad and alas it's not the first time I hear of luuux members stealing other people's photos and posts. It's upsetting how some people think that just because it's the internet they can forget their good manners.