2011 Bloggies

The 2011 Bloggies nominations have started - have you even heard of it before?  I haven't.  ^_^

The only category that really interests me is the "Best Fashion or Beauty Weblog" which was previously named "Best Fashion Weblog".  Last year's winner was Cupcakes and Cashmere, which I have heard of once before in passing.

Now, I don't have any fashion posted on PolishGalore, and no real "beauty" passed nail polish, but there are some amazing blogs I follow that I will be narrowing down to nominate.  Here's my list:

[1] FrmHeadToToe  Nominee: Jen
Now granted Jen is a friend of mine, but I absolutely love her blog and have for some time.  I really think she deserves to win, point blank, but I'm also biased.

[2] Temptalia  Nominee: Christine
This is probably the most comprehensive makeup blog I've seen, constantly posting new collections, looks, and information.  I routinely bring up her blog on my iPhone when shopping for MAC, Urban Decay and a few other favorites.

[3] Scrangie  Nominee: Scrangie
I consider her to be the Holy Grail of nail polish blogs... this is another one that's saved on my iPhone for when I'm shopping in stores for new polish colors and lines.

[4] Vampy Varnish  Nominee: Kelly
Kelly just recently started blogging about makeup as well as nail polish and I've found her posts to be really informative as well as helpful especially when it comes to wear-ability.

[5] All Lacquered Up  Nominee: Michelle
One of the things I love the most about this website is that there are lots of comparison pictures to look at.  That is one of the best kept secrets of makeup - you don't have to spend $18 on a bottle of Channel when you can find a $3 bottle of Hard Candy for the same price.  She also introduced Shellac to me which I'm still dying to try in 2011.

[6] Lacquerized  Nominee:  Michele
One of the most well organized polish blogs out there in my opinion.  Wonderful pictures, excellent articles, well organized and clean looking website - definitely a favorite.

So now I have to narrow it down between these six.  There are many more amazing blogs out there, and more than belong in my list as well.  Make sure you nominate your favorite - we all deserve a chance!