Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!

This blog has some explicit language, but let me tell you, it's hilarious and you might learn a thing or two!  It's not makeup or beauty, but instead some awesome recipes.  The writer is a long time Internet friend of mine, so here's a shout out!

GetchaNailsDid is a great blog to see nail art and swatches.  For some crazy awesome reason, I've had over 1000 referrals from her website, and I just hope to one day pay it forward.  She has very nicely manicured medium to long nails that are squared.

Finally today is GildedNails from Down Under (Australia).  She also has medium to long nails that are slightly squared, partially almond.  I love that she has access to polishes that I haven't seen a lot of in the States like Models Own but also swatches MAC, OPI, China Glaze, Zoya and more.  Good stuff!