Have you Liked Zoya on Facebook yet?

True to their word, Zoya reached their 20,000 Likes before 2011, so today they will be releasing the code to get your 3 Free Bottles of Zoya Nail Polish (a $21 value).  You do have to pay for shipping which is about $7 so it's well worth it.  The code will be available both on their website and ONLY on their Facebook fan page (just click on "Filters" and choose "Just Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments" so you don't see all the Fan Spam as I call it).

For pictures of all the Zoya Nail Polish I have reviewed, please click here.


Edit 12:37 CST: Updated to reflect the posting via Zoya that states the code will ONLY be available on their Facebook page and will not show up under their "my promos and codes" section of your Zoya website account.

Edit 2:24 CST:  The code is live!  Go check it out on their Facebook page!