Blogs of Note

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (again)  Today is actually my parents wedding anniversary.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy to know they still love each other.  ^_^  Here's some more...
First today is Cosmetic Cupcake.  Chelle posts a mix of makeup and nail polish with some amazingly cute nail art included.  She has medium nails and features a variety of items since she's located in Australia but visits Hong Kong for family.

Next today is Crystal Polish.  This blog is written by Sarah and Jason who are very in love.  While I'm 99.8% sure that the nail polish is only worn by Sarah, it's very refreshing to see a man's perspective on nail polish - color and finish.  Also, apparently Jason crochets, and I'd a sucker for a scarf.  Just saying.  Crystal has medium nails and even does some water marbling!

Last today is CucumPear's Onyx Phalanx.  Think lots of green and pink.  Owner Amira originally was blogging about makeup but it evolved into a purely nail polish blog with layering, freehand nail art and Konad.  She has medium nails.