Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!

Enamored Enamel hasn't posted since last year (har har) but one thing I love about this blog is the large pictures.  I'm not a fan of clicking (and clicking and clicking).  She does post a lot of batch swatches and doesn't really comment on formula or wear, but if you're looking for a quick picture, this is a good place to look.

Eternal Enamel also hasn't posted since last year (sad face now) but had some pretty amazing nail art.  I hope she reactivates her blog because I really enjoyed reading this blog.

Finally is my friend and inspiration, FrmHeadToToe.  If you like makeup, jewelry, or fashion, THIS is a great place to look.  Jen is absolutely beautiful and amazing and her tutorials are out of this world.  If I ever get married, I've already told Jen that I'm flying her to me to be my makeup artist (and hair, and I wouldn't mind if she picked my dress out too).  I love this girl.