Essence Movie Star

My local HEB grocery store now has a small display of Essence makeup, and the nail polish was QUICK to sell out.  I believe it was $1.99 a bottle for 0.16 fl. oz but it might have been 99 cents - I need to go back and check, but either way, I decided to pick up this grey in my search for the perfect grey to go with my GREY SKIES.  Blah.

Movie Star I guess is supposed to be about the silver screen.  This is a bluish grey creme that was a tiny bit on the thick side but not unmanageable.  I used a base of Seche Natural, 2 coats of Movie Star and a top of Seche Vite.

There was just a bit too much blue in this for me - as you can see it dries darker on the nail than is shown in the bottle.  I think I need a bit more white in it to even it out.

Same story with the shade.  Overall, a good color and probably an amazing base for a winter Konad.  I may keep this one around for these gross grey days with no sun.  :\


  1. I think I like this one...and great price.

    I have a question for you...I bought a Sally Hansen nail white pencil and I'm not sure if I'm using it right. How is this thing supposed to work? (Have you ever used one?)

  2. I do love a good grey nail polish. This one looks similar to Zoya Kelly to me. Am I totally off base? haha

  3. Cherbear - I've never heard of a nail white pencil... I'm so sorry!

    Brittany - Kelly has a bit more purple in it but I can do a comparison! :)

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  5. Cherbear - this is from one of my readers - hopefully it helps!

    I've used a white nail pencil in the past and while it was effective, it's not my first choice for whiter tips.
    You're supposed to use the pencil underneath your nails. You basically color in your tips. You can do it two ways. Dry, or wet. Dry is self-explanatory. Wet, you're supposed to wet your nails and create almost like a thin paste to color in the nails. It works temporarily and if you're not careful can look streaky. Personally I prefer to keep my nails clean with a brush. They look more natural. If you're wanting to make your tips look brighter but a white polish is too much, I'd try a more muted, softer shade.


  6. thanks!! :)

    I was just curious to try this pencil and I thought I was doing it wrong. Apparently...I was not, and it just sucks. LOL

    oh by the way, I'm still waiting for my Zoya Kelly to come in the mail! (got Gigi, Kelly, and Adina with the free FB excited!)