Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!

First today is Daily Polish.  Owner Sara does really blog daily, although her most recent posts have been guest writers while she's on vacation in Israel.  She has short nails and has a LARGE selection of polishes to check out.

Next is Deez Nails.  This is one of the few blogs I've seen that uses false nails normally.  She wears both Nailene Active Square and Fing'rs brand Trophy Wife length.  There are many benefits to wearing false nails, and she has a great post on application and removal.  In addition to colors, she also has frankens and nail art.

Last today is Emerald Sparkled.  This is the awesome blogger who made the graphic used on mine and many other blogs.  Her name is Deniz, she lives in Turkey, and she has some amazing pictures and nail art in her blog!  Seriously, she's one of the best polishers I've seen - her nails always look beautiful.


  1. I love reading your Blogs of Note.
    Especially the descriptions.
    They're very helpful in finding nail polish
    blogs that are up to date. Thank you. (:

  2. I love posts like this because I am obsessed with finding new blogs especially about nail polish. thanks for sharing!

  3. I'd love to hear your thoughts on OPI's Glow Up Already, which I see you already have! I also just bought a neony pink from China Glaze but I can't remember the name off the top of my head!

    Thanks Krystal!

    A fluff friend :)

  4. Hi Amy! I will definitely pull this for a reader review :)