La Fresh

I got this in my inbox today - La Fresh will be at Cosmoprof North America - Las Vegas... (booth A19438 for those who are going).  Considering my post this morning, it was awesome timing :)  Please enjoy the following press release from La Fresh. 

 A Fresh Take on Beauty:  Introducing La Fresh

Merging clean, streamlined style with naturally gorgeous and skin-nourishing ingredients, La Fresh offers an extensive and diverse line of personal care wipes that are designed to leave skin looking its freshest and brightest.

Founded in 1997 by Diamond Wipes International entrepreneur Eve Yen, when she dreamed of a better way to travel with her personal care products, each product in the La Fresh line is travel-friendly and complies with the ever-changing TSA-carry-on regulations.  As a business owner Eve liked to keep things simple, she liked to travel light, appreciated quality and treated every resource as a precocious commodity.  As a busy wife and mother, Eve liked smart products with a great design and great value to make life more enjoyable.  Enter La Fresh!

The leader in portable, on-the-go, personal care wipes, La Fresh offers two product lines, each designed with pre-moistened, 100% biodegradable cloth that utilize minimal water in production and require no additional water to use: Travel Lite and Eco Beauty

Travel Lite:
These perfectly portable wipes allow for worry-free (and mess-free!) travel.  Spill and leak-proof, La Fresh Travel Lite wipes make the TSA 3-1-1 rule a breeze.  Offering everything from sunscreen, lotion and deodorant (for both men and women), these handy wipes are must-haves for the car, carry-on luggage, tote and desk!

As eco-chic as they are travel-friendly, these wipes are designed without parabens, sulfates, glycols, dyes, PEGS, artificial fragrances or animal byproducts.  Addressing a variety of beauty concerns (face cleansers and makeup remover to body soothers, hand sanitizers and nail polish removers), the La Fresh Eco-Beauty wipes utilize a bevy of natural ingredients to pamper skin (as well as the environment).  What’s more, these unique wipes employ aromatherapy scents from around the globe to revive, uplift and relax.  

Available in individual packets as well as resealable packs, La Fresh wipes are revolutionizing the meaning of on-the-go beauty!

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